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Peyton's Place

Parties and Functions

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5344 Atlanta Hwy
Parties and Functions
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We offer our services and Building to cater to your parties and events. Building rental fees vary with functions, food purchase, size of party, and many other details so please contact us for more information

Our building can seat inside up to approximately 100.

Dance floor can be arranged
No private rooms you must book the whole restraunt.

Menu is open to buffet style or a set menu if preferred.
A catering menu can be obtained at our location. We can also fax one over to you. Just call us at 396-3630 or email us at


Available days and hours for building rental are anytime outside of our hours of operation which are Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm

As long as no day is already reserved then there is not set time requirement for reservations within reason. (ei. No same day, ect) Contact Sissy to make reservations at 3963630 or you may speak with Leigh.

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 get in touch at